The Weekend Passport to Rubbery Goodness

The Rubbout 25 Silver Anniversary weekend pass includes:

- Thursday night entry to the Rubbout Elemental: Circus “Under the BIG TOP” Fetish Community Appreciation Night @ Pumpjack Pub ($10 value)
– Friday afternoon access to Bill Houghton’s 25th anniversary Happy Hour @ Sandman Suites on Davie (exclusive)
– Friday night ‘beat-the-line’ free entry to the Package Pickup and Meet & Greet @ Pumpjack Pub ($5 value)
– Friday night entry to the ELEMENTAL Party @ Gorg-O-Mish ($25 value)
– Friday night entry to the ELEMENTAL Official Afterparty @ Steamworks Baths Vancouver ($15 value)
– Saturday afternoon entry to the Rubbout Gear Swap/Puppybowl III/Demos @ Pumpjack Pub (can’t put a dollar figure on this)
– Saturday evening entry and coat check at the Rubbout 25 Play Party @ 8×6 ($30 value)
– Sunday afternoon entry to and service of the Rubbout Silver Anniversary Brunch @ Holiday Inn Downtown (exclusive, $25 value)
– Sunday afternoon entry to the Rubbout Black Yellow Red Play Party @ Steamworks Baths Vancouver ($15 value)
– Complimentary 6-month Membership to any Steamworks Baths location
– unlimited VIP access* to Steamworks Baths Vancouver during Rubbout 25 weekend (priceless)
– Your universal pass 25th anniversary wristband
– Rubbout 25: Elemental Official Weekend Program
– free one month membership ($15 value)
– 10% discount on any order coupon (unlimited possibilities)
– Invincible Rubber purchase discount coupon at (unlimited possibilities)
– 25% Kinx Toy Emporium Introductory discounts and lube samples (priceless)
– More surprises (can’t put a dollar figure on this)

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