That’s a Wrap

Wow, what an epic Rubbout weekend. The organizers feel we may have just pulled off the best men’s fetish weekend in Vancouver history! Thanks to everyone that came to celebrate with us, and thank you to the Organizers and the Volunteers for your tireless dedication to the cause. The whole thing executed pretty seamlessly….a few minor hiccups here and there but that’s to be expected with an occasion of this scope.

Thanks to all the sponsors and venues that made this the memorable event that it was.

Volunteers, prepare for an announcement of a Volunteer BBQ in your honor in the next few weeks. Looking forward to seeing you guys again in a less insane atmosphere.

We can’t wait to see the pictures that get posted and selected! Please tag and share!

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  1. As a Mr.T put it at the Sunday Brunch….”Elemental was MONUMENTAL!” I cannot add any more to that. Still coming down from the rubber high, lol. Excellent weekend guys, and CONGRATULATIONS to everybody invovled, from start to finish.

    Rubberhugs – Bill (Founder)

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