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The best documenter of all lifestyle, kink and sex-positive events in Vancouver is Sex Positive Magazine. Debbie Love and her minions work very hard to keep the local calendar up-to-date with the onslaught of kinky and sex positive events going on in this city. Who says Vancouver is a no-fun city? It certainly isn’t short on sexiness!


Sponsor Shout-out: Doghouse Leathers

Rubbout is very excited to announce a new (but dear old) sponsor, Doghouse Leathers in Seattle!

Doghouse Leathers was established in 2006 as an weekend outpost inside The Cuff. In 2010, they moved into their current store which is located on Seattle’s Capitol Hill. Our store is located at 1312 East Pike St around the corner from The Cuff. Open Sun-Thur 11am-11pm and Fri/Sat 11am-1am.

The goal at Doghouse Leathers is to provide quality leathers at fair prices by servicing the needs and desires of the Seattle Men’s Leather, Kink and Bear Communities. It is also their goal to promote and support local kinky craftsmen, artists and authors as we work together to build community one bottom at a time.

Coming soon (hopefully): In-house rubber creations!!

‘Contact Us’ Form Down

We have just found out this week that the ‘Contact Us’ Form, though working, is not transmitting. We are working on this. In the meantime you can email us at OR with your questions. Please stand by!

Sponsor Shout-out: Rubberzone

Rubberzone has been a long-time supporter of Rubbout. They are the go-to community website for all things rubber and gay. Check out the extensive collection of Rubberzone-exclusive videos that Rubberzone has produced over the years and purchase some for download! You won’t be disappointed!

RubberZoneTM – The Fusion of MEN and RUBBER – Get It On!TM
The home for Rubber Fetish, Gay Latex Fetish, Bondage in Rubber, Rubbermen — Personals, Profiles, Galleries, Videos, Shopping
(Adults 18 and older only.)

Check out Rubberzone here.

RubberZone_Fusion_Characters_01 RubberZone_Fusion_Characters_02 RubberZone_Fusion_Characters_04 RubberZone_Fusion_Characters_05 RubberZone_Fusion_Characters_03 RubberZone_Fusion_Characters_03



Sponsor Shout-out: Latexcatfish

Latexcatfish has graciously offered to make latex outfits for our Fashion Show models at the Vancouver Fetish Community Celebration on Thursday March 31 at Pumpjack, kicking off the Rubbout 25 weekend. Check out their sexy gear and support their business!

You will see nine sexy men and women on the catwalk at the Celebration “Dressed By Latexcatfish” showing off Latexcatfish’s latest designs which will end up being offered as amazing prizes to be drawn at the Sunday brunch.

Check out Latexcatfish here.


Sponsor Shout-out: Invincible Rubber

Invincible Rubber has graciously offered to make latex outfits for our Go-go dancing boys on Rubbout 25 weekend. Check out their sexy gear and support their business!

You will see five handsome men on Rubbout weekend “Dressed By Invincible Rubber” making sexy moves at the Community Celebration on Thursday March 31 at Pumpjack and the Elemental dance party on Friday April 1 at Gorg-O-Mish.

We’re excited about the designs and the offer Invincible has given us! Check out their great gear and get your rubber in time for Rubbout 25!

Check out Invincible Rubber here.


Sponsor Shout-out: Latexskin

Latexskin has graciously offered to make latex outfits for our Rubbershine Boys and Raffle Ticket Boys on Rubbout 25 weekend. Check out their sexy gear and support their business!

You will see six handsome men on Rubbout weekend “Dressed By Latexskin” offering to shine up your latex and sell you raffle tickets for the amazing prizes to be drawn at the Sunday brunch.

Check out Latexskin here.


Sin City Rubber Ball, Jan 30 @ 8×6

Do you have your tickets yet? Sin City, Rubbout and Deadly Couture present Rubber Ball @ 8×6, Saturday January 30. Don’t miss out on the biggest party before Rubbout; what a great way to warm up your latex!

In three days, this mad party is happening. Have you got your tickets yet? Rubbout will be providing some bondage demos as entertainment, so come by the vacuum equipment and say hi!

Thank you sooo much to the Sin City crew for letting us be part of this great event!

So those of you asking, dress code rules will be enforced but the 50% rubber rule is being loosened to the requirement of one rubber piece. Neoprene is acceptable, just make it slutty, thank you



Sin City Rubber Ball @ 8×6 Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sin City Fetish Night hosts its one and only stand alone event of 2016 at Club 8×6, everyone’s favourite downtown Vancouver sex-positive club.

Ultra strict dress code which is guaranteed to give rubber lovers a luscious latex orgasm. All attendees must be wearing MINIMUM 50% RUBBER or they will be denied entry. If you are covered head to toe, you better be wearing a LOT of rubber! If your outfit is very small and barely there, that’s a lot less rubber to be wearing, but fully half of it must be rubber. Tops or bottoms. Preferably both. Jesus Christ you are a sexy beast. Even sexier wrapped up in rubber!

Full scale kink party production providing Sin City’s trademark over the top electric atmosphere.

Non-stop dance party with the Sin City DJ crew.

Absolutely zero unauthorized photography. This party is off the grid so you can fully express your wildest sexual persona in safety.

Heavy rubber performances & visuals, photo booth, vac bed, spanking benches, lube wrestling pit, dance cages, extra sound & lighting installations and more more more.

Fully legal sex on premises permitted. If you desire, with a willing partner. No judgements. No requirements to participate. Just freedom to be yourself and be as shy or as kinky as you wish. We’re all adults here – perfectly perverted adults, that is.

Sponsored by Deadly Couture & Rubbout.

Tickets $20 advance, $25 at the door (capacity permitting).

Limited capacity – advance tickets highly recommended!

SPREAD THE WORD … and prepare yourself. This one’s going to be the most hard core event we’ve ever done.

Tickets available online here

Vancouver Rubbermen

An opportunity to meet, socialize, network and play, a new men’s rubber group is starting up in Vancouver.

VANCOUVER RUBBERMEN – A social and play group for the men of Metro Vancouver and region, our visitors, and admirers into the tight stretchy shiny stuff. We meet on the first Saturday of the month, 2-5pm at Pumpjack Pub at the same time as the Van-PAH pup mosh – pups in front, rubbermen in the back. January we did rubber bondage demos, and will do the same in March (March 5, to be exact). In February, we are heading down to Seattle to invade the CC Attle’s month Fetish Night with the Rainy City (Seattle) Rubbermen group (Feb 6).

Get all the details by requesting membership with the Vancouver Rubbermen closed group on Facebook.

Twitter: @yvrrubbermen

Also note the Rubbout 25: Elemental official kickoff is taking place Friday, March 11!