Rubbout 2024 is on April 12 to 14, 2024!

Rubbout 2024: SIRKUS

🤹 Roll Up. Gear Up. The Sirkus is coming! 🎪 Rubbout is proud to bring you, Sirkus, a weekend full of gear, parties, play and new connections! Get tickets/info 🎟️ at
We are almost sold out! Will you run away and join the Sirkus?! 🤹 The longest running kink event in the world!
Get your tickets at:

Gear Swap:
Gear Swap forms are now ONLINE! We are trying to eliminate paper for environmental reasons and less stuff for us to carry around. If you go to swap you will find a link to fill out the forms.
We have made video’s to help you to fill out the form and also how to fill out the price tags properly. We worked hard to keep the process simple, we hope you like the changes.
We ENCOURAGE everyone to do ALL the steps AT HOME, so you can show up and to drop it off. This will make the process for both yourself and volunteers smoother and quicker.
 Poster by @njohnstonart on IG.

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