About Rubbout

Rubbout brings people together from all over the world to form friendships based on a shared interest in rubber and a shared weekend experience.  This bond lasts long after the weekend and builds from year to year.  Rubbout is the longest running gay rubber weekend in North America (possibly the world).  Next year is Rubbout’s 30th Anniversary.

The first Rubbout in 1992 was billed as “A weekend of Rubber Events” and included a Friday meet & greet, a Saturday play party, and a Sunday Pot luck dinner with demo.  This successful format continues today with a few minor improvements.  In 1994, brunch replaced Sunday’s potluck dinner and over time additional events were added like a swap meet (1994), puppy play (2008) and workshops (2019).

Attendance has grown to around 160 weekend passholders and over 250 people at the Saturday night party.  Rubbout will likely set new attendance records in 2021 when it celebrates its 30th Anniversary.

Rubbout is a non-profit community group with no paid staff.   Any annual surplus is put towards making next year’s Rubbout even better.  A team of volunteers contributes to its success.   Past and current team leaders are:

1992 to 2003       Bill “Northwind” Houghton

2004 to 2011       Mitch Kenyon

2012 to 2016       Reid Dalgleish, Rob Pont, Doug Mitchell

2017 to 2018       Andy Cook

2019                     Mitch Kenyon and Javier Rodriguez-Martin

2020                     Mitch Kenyon

Rubbout is held in Vancouver, BC around the first weekend of April.    While sex is a big part of the weekend, the best part of Rubbout is making friends from around the world.