About Us

Rubbout is a Vancouver, British Columbia volunteer organization that has hosted a party weekend for men who love rubber and fetish since 1992. Rubbout is traditionally held the first weekend of April. We believe that it just may be the longest running rubber weekend on the west coast.

Bill “Northwind” Houghton founded Rubbout in 1992 as a low-key annual rubber fetish event. Starting on Vancouver Island, then as a houseparty in Vancouver, over the years Rubbout evolved into a weekend production with a Friday meet & greet, a Saturday social/play party, and a Sunday brunch. The last Rubbout organized by Bill was Rubbout 12 in 2003. Read Bill Houghton’s story of the origins of Rubbout here!

In 2004, the Rubbout social weekend moved from Bill’s home to a warehouse party. Rubbout 13, produced by Mitch Kenyon, added latex body painting demos and other play at Pumpjack, Davie Village Cafe, the Wise Hall, and other venues. Over the next 8 years Mitch and friends built up the Rubbout weekend to included many different varieties of parties, demos and attendance grew.

After Rubbout 20 concluded, Mitch handed the production reins over to Reid Dalgleish and Rob Pont. The two of them continued the tradition of producing Rubbout and secured Rubbout’s reputation as being a significant fetish event that is recognized both by the local gay community as well as by regional, national and international rubber and fetish communities.

The event has slowly grown in both size, reach, and recognizability. For Rubbout 24 in 2015, the event took place on the Canadian Easter long weekend and consisted of nine official events and several unofficial events.

Rubbout 25 was developed as a silver anniversary celebration of all things Rubbout March 31-April 3, 2016 to huge fanfare. There were journeys down memory lane, additional events and lots for all rubbermen and gearfiends of all stripes to enjoy. As Rubbout 25 came to a close Rob feeling it was time and Reid’s hands full with the creation of a new group called “THE VANCOUVER RUBBERMEN”, they both decided to hand the production reins over to Andy Cook.

Andy has been involved with Rubbout for well over a decade. He’s produced many of the parties for Rubbout and supplied a venue and worked with Mitch, Rob and Reid. A huge supporter of anything kink, Andy AKA Pup Luvyvr just seems to be a good fit. Bill, Mitch, Reid, and Rob are now Rubbout’s ambassadors all supporting and guiding Andy into the future.

Rubbout 26 has now wrapped up and was amazing and now this brings us to:

Rubbout 27 ‘Natures Calling”. Are you ready???

Rubbout 28 (Rubbout 2019) Illuminate – “Explore, Experience, Engage”

Rubbout 2019 will be taking place April 5-7, 2018. Hotel rooms and Weekend passes and tickets for the big party on Saturday are available now here on this site. Weekend passes include all the parties.

The execution of Rubbout every year is done entirely by a group of volunteers who do it for the enjoyment of rubber , playing and socializing in gear, and the men who love gear and fetish. Rubbout is supported by its volunteer base, sponsors, and local businesses who form the backbone of the organization. Rubbout succeeds each year due to the energy and excitement of the people who help to make it a success. All money made is in turn put towards producing the next years Rubbout and supporting the kink community. If you would like to volunteer for Rubbout, click here.

Contact us directly through the website.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Also, feel free to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Vimeo.


Press and Media Information

Press releases and media contact information are available for distribution.  Please contact the Rubbout team at rubboutvancouver@gmail.com  to get a copy!