The Rubbout Gear Swap is getting more popular every year. If you want to sell any gear, take it to the PumpJack Pub between 4pm and 6pm on Friday, April 8 (Rubbout Registration) or between 11am and 1pm on Saturday, April 9 (just before the Gear Swap opens). There, the Rubbout volunteers will take care of you!

The gear swap has become one of the most popular events at Rubbout; a chance to make some income on unwanted gear, have a drink with friends, shop and have fun. The sale starts at 1 PM and goes to 5 PM on the Saturday of Rubbout every year. Join in the shopping frenzy at 4 PM when items that have not sold yet go to a reduced price.

Why a Gear Swap?

The annual gear swap is one of the few ways that the volunteer-driven, not-for-profit Rubbout weekend generates income. With the help of our great volunteers, and from receiving 15% of each sale transaction, the Gear Swap assists Rubbout to continue to evolve.

How Does it Work?

Simple! You bring your goods to us and we tag, display, sell, and at the end of the Swap Meet, you get 85% of the sold price or your items back if they didn’t sell.  

There is no cost to attend the Swap Meet.  This year, Rubbout weekend passholders will get a $10 coupon for shopping at the Swap Meet that is valid until 4 pm.

Goods are on sale April 8, 2022 from 1 PM to 5 PM. Rubbout gets 15% of all sales, so if something of yours sells for $100, Rubbout gets $15. You get the balance. Price your items with that differential in mind :)

What Gear is acceptable for sale?

We take all rubber, leather and kink items that you wish to sell. Our exceptions are dirty or torn clothing that would normally go to trash. We will not accept used penetration toys.

When and where do I take my Gear?

take it to the PumpJack Pub between 4pm and 6pm on Friday, April 8 (Rubbout Registration) or between 11am and 1pm on Saturday, April 9 (just before the Swap Meet).  There will be inventory sheets available that volunteers will help you to fill out with your contact information and itemized information on each item including your selling price and lowest acceptable sale price for the 4 pm reduction.

How do you prepare?

Take the time to go through the items you wish to sell. Clean if necessary. Remember if you selling the items, most likely you don’t want to take them home again, so price to sell.

Come up with a fair price for each item and an absolute lowest price you would accept, e.g. A leather jacket – you may ask $110.00 – if not sold at that price by 4 PM, the price will drop to your lowest acceptable price, e.g. $70.00. Keep in mind that Rubbout retains 15% of the price the item is sold at.

Please do not drop your items off at the last minute.  Volunteers will be very busy on Saturday setting up and running the Swap Meet.  To avoid the line up on Saturday,  please bring your items to drop off between 4pm and 6pm on Friday, April 8 (Rubbout Registration).

Final note: IMPORTANT

When do I get paid or claim my unsold items?

All payouts (monies made from sales) will be given out after 5 PM the day of the Gear Swap. Please ask Rob at the Gear Swap for details if required.

All items not sold must be picked up between 5 PM and 6 PM.  If you have items that have not sold YOU are responsible to pick them up, otherwise they will be discarded – unless you have made previous arrangements, i.e. some one is picking them up for you (this should be stated when items are dropped off). By 6 PM Rubbout volunteers will have gone home.

We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles. In five years we have had one mix up and a few things have been shoplifted. Remember, we are volunteers and are human :-)  We have made some changes and taken precautions so this doesn’t happen but sometimes thieves are just plain sneaky.

Do you take credit and debit cards?

Yes we do! Although Canadian cash is preferred for all gear swap sales.  Rubbout uses Square for our credit card and debit card processing.  There is also an ATM in PumpJack.