Frequently Asked Questions

Rubbout heartily welcomes and encourages first-timers to our event and newcomers to rubber.

What if I don’t have any rubber?

We encourage you to attend Rubbout events in rubber (we’d love to shine you up!), but it’s not mandatory.  You can even wear street clothes to all the events except the Play Party.

The Play Party has a fetish dress code.  If you don’t have any rubber, you can wear leather, spandex, harnesses, jocks, puppy gear, sports gear, uniforms, anything you fetishize. We’d like to see that you’ve made at least an effort to gear yourself up before joining us (and honestly, we’ll really appreciate the effort)!  For examples of what to wear, see the dress code for Fetish Week London.

Consider borrowing rubber gear from a friend or buying something at the Rubbout Gear Swap or one of the local Vancouver retailers:

  • Little Sisters/Erotic Boutique
  • Deadly Couture
  • East Side Re-Rides
  • Camouflage

What if I don’t know anybody?

We are a very welcoming and friendly group of men. Rubbout has evolved in its own way particularly for the reason it’s known to be a very laid back, accepting event that gives like-minded kinky perverts a place to meet the other members of their tribe. The fact that it’s organized each year by a group of passionate volunteers keeps the profit motives out. The organizers just want to put on a good party where all men will feel welcome!

At some point in time, all of us didn’t know anybody in the rubber community either. You meet guys into the same thing as you by swallowing your apprehensions or pre-conceived fears and JUST GETTING OUT THERE. Rubbout is a great opportunity because of the laid-back nature of the event.

Please introduce yourself to us, the organizers, so that we can introduce you to others. Another approach is to volunteer for the event so that you can meet others. Approach the sexy guy at the next Rubbout party. If you put some effort into it, you are sure to have more friends at the end of the weekend than you did at the start!

We encourage mingling at our events with icebreakers, contests and other fun ways to meet other guys.

More questions?

Please feel free to contact us.